Discussion Groups

Students in grades 6-8 have an opportunity to participate in an 8-10 week discussion group each year of middle school. Each student will have a chance to participate once a year. Mrs. Monnat, Middle School Counselor, and possible the Student Assistance Counselor through Mountain View Prevention Services, offer these groups every ten weeks.

This is a completely voluntary activity and it will take place during a study hall/lunch period once a week following the six day cycle. Students will be grouped according to available times in his/her schedule. 

Discussion groups are student-led. This means that Mrs. Monnat will let the group decide the topics of discussion. If students are having trouble coming up with topics of discussions, the counselors will have activities and topics prepared. We want students to learn to communicate with one another effectively, to practice social skills, engage in collective problem-solving, share ideas and opinions, and learn kindness and respect. These small group settings are the perfect opportunity to work on those skill sets. 

ese are closed groups; meaning that when the group is formed and meetings begin, newly interested students will need to wait and join the next round of groups. This practice fosters trust and supports rapport development between group members. We encourage all interested students to participate.  

Please contact Mrs. Monnat ext. 542 with any questions.