Elementary Principal

Welcome to Beaver River Elementary School  


Our Elementary School is a school of excellence.  We strive to find success every day for students and to foster open communications with our families.  We have many opportunities to offer students in the elementary.  In addition to teaching NYS required curriculum, we offer students an opportunity to participate in Physical Education class three days out of a six-day cycle.  Students also participate in General Music, Art, and Library class. 

Every student participates in recess on a daily basis.  We go outside daily except when it's raining or when the temperature is below 0 degrees.  Recess is supervised by playground monitors.

Fifth graders have the opportunity to participate in beginners band and chorale.  Also, as part of our general music classes, we have the Recorder Karate Program for fourth graders.

We have an active Home and School Committee.  It is made up of parents and grade level teacher representatives.  We usually meet on the third Tuesday of each month in the Library Conference Room.  We welcome all parents to attend or volunteer for our yearly activities.

On a monthly basis, the Elementary Office sends out a monthly calendar of activities, as well as the lunch menu, and a parent newsletter.  This is in addition to what information classroom teachers send home on a daily or weekly basis.

Please feel free to contact me at 346-1211 ext. 510 or at [email protected]

Dr. Kimberly Lyman-Wright, 

Elementary Principal