Booster Club Point System






Athletes (and their parents) can accumulate points in three ways:

  1. Base level allotments
  2. Fundraisers (including working at the concession stand, helping at sporting events-volleyball line judge, soccer ball kids, timing at track meets, being scorekeepers, recording stats, etc.)
  3. Becoming the chairperson of concession stand (scheduling people for concession/admission for a sport season)


Base Level Allotments – Each athlete who earns at least two points during the current school year will receive an automatic base level deposit to their account in addition to their earned points.  Base allotment points cannot be used until the athlete and/or parent, family member has successfully earned two points for the aforementioned athlete’s account. 

The base level is set based on the athlete’s current grade level as follows:

7th - $5.00*    8th - $5.00*    9th - $10.00*    10th - $10.00*    11th - $20.00*    12th - $20.00*

*subject to change by the Booster Club Board 

Fundraisers – Every athlete (or parent) can earn point(s) per event worked (dependent on the time commitment).  Please note that it is our intent that athletes, or parents of athletes, work prior to their anticipated financial need.  No credit (points) will be given to an athlete working at an event designated as a team fundraiser to pre-pay or post-pay a team camp or team related expense. 

Chairperson of concession stand work schedule for sports season – Each season requires a responsible person who will be expected to insure that the concession stand has responsible coverage (at least one adult) for all home JV and Varsity sporting events for that season.  This adult (parent) will be eligible to earn up to $50.00 for the spring and fall season and $75.00 for the winter season (depending on the number of home events), to be dispersed amongst the eligible athletes in their family.  If the chairperson also works individual events, instead of designating them, they may also earn additional points per event.  The individual(s) that make trips to restock the concession stand will be eligible to earn $100.00 to be dispersed amongst the eligible athletes in their family.

Interested volunteers should contact Sheila Neddo at [email protected].

Point Value – Each point for working in the concession stand is currently worth $10.00 (beginning with the 2019-2020 school year), all other points are worth $5.00.

Athlete’s Accounts – All accounts are maintained by Mrs. Joslin; therefore it is the athlete’s (or parent of the athlete’s) responsibility to make sure their name is listed on the work calendar in the food stand, or on the coaches fundraiser paperwork (when working a non-concession/admission event)


Points can be redeemed for:

  1. Sporting equipment
  2. Individual camps
  3. Team camps
  4. Seniors and college students can redeem points for reimbursement of college textbooks

Please note:  all reimbursement checks will be issued the 1st and 15th of the month.

Sporting Equipment – each athlete is allowed to use up to $150.00 of their earned money per school year for sporting equipment.  Only equipment for the athlete will be allowed to be redeemed for the sport they are signed up for, no retroactive payments accepted for a prior season.  All requests will need to be accompanied by a valid receipt and a completed Booster Club Request for Funds Form (which can be obtained on the website).  This allowance is for “team” items not covered by the school budget, like team t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

Individual Camps – Please obtain Booster Club Request for Funds Form from Mrs. Joslin, (or on the website) along with individual camp applications.  All requests need to have this completed form along with a completed camp application.  There is a limit of $200/athlete for individual camps.

Team Camps – Team Sports Camps have a cap of $750.00 per season.  Once awarded, the disbursement of the funding is at each coach’s discretion.  For example:  If girls’ basketball wants to attend 3 different camps within the sport camp season, the coach will decide how to divide the $750.00.  Coaches are to apply for this benefit using the proper form.

Current Seniors and college students – Seniors and college students can redeem up to $100.00 of their earned money towards college textbooks.  Request for reimbursements must include a valid campus cash register receipt, listing the text books purchased, along with a completed Booster Club Request for Funds Form.  All requests must be received by September 30th of the year of the senior’s graduation.

6th Grade Students – If you and/or your parents work for the Booster Club, you can earn points to be used toward sporting equipment in your 7th grade year, as long as those points are used before accounts are reset.

Resetting Accounts – all accounts will be reset the Friday before the first fundraiser of the upcoming academic year.